Keeping the Stone Man Down  

  1. Talk to Krag directly southeast of the Danak Shipyards in Jarsath Wastes. He is a big pile of rocks on the ground in an underwater cave ( -857, -54, 1291 ) .
  2. Kill ashfire drakes in Skyfire Mountains for nine uncommon updates.
  3. Return to Krag to receive diamond powder
  4. Return to Skyrider Tosuj.
  5. Apply the diamond powder to the weak points of the Nak'azar titan in Chardok
    • This is the big statue directly across from the Nak'azar Cavern sokokar post). Click on the back of his legs.
  6. Harvest a Di'Zokian blasting keg that is in The Water Chamber along the wall. Place it between the titan's feet for update.
    • You get an info window when you mouse over it. All group members must do this at the same time in order to get the next update. If you don't you'll need to go back and get another keg to place.
  7. When the keg explodes 5 heroic titan shards (level 79^) will pop. Kill them for update.
  8. Return to Skyrider Tosuj.
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