A Frozen Egg  

Started ByA Frosty Egg
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Stormfeather Brood Guardian

Examine A Frosty Egg, a Destiny of Velious Collection's Edition claim item, and start the Flying Mount quest series.

  1. Speak to Elize Flannagan near the Thundermist Village in The Thundering Steppes. ( 624, 4, -235 )
  2. Speak to Kezu within Goahmari Village in the Great Divide. ( 367, -15, 479 )
  3. Return once you are a gryphon expert. This requires running the Flying Mount quest series.
    • Adventurers can begin by speaking to Billie at 327, -15, 537 in Goahmari Village.
    • Crafters can begin by speaking to Aggi Stonefist at 699, -322, 360 inside Thurgadin.
  4. Once you complete either the Adventuring or Tradeskill flying mount series, return to Kezu to complete the quest.


Flying Mount
Quest Series
Border Defense
Gnomish Gnegotiations
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