Raise the Stakes  

Grants AA
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 2g, 69s, 57c
Max Coin: 2g, 99s, 97c
Choice Of:
Wand of Divine Fear
Pouch of the Feerrott
Bow of Tyranny
Mindbender Staff
Soultaker's Rusted Longbow

This quest is given by Malkin X'Davai after you complete "The Test" quest.

You need to kill Rallosian Tacticians and Tae Ew Tactician on both sides to even things out.

  • Tae Ew Conscripts can be found in a neat little pack in groups of two around -1277.63, 4.47, 388.11 (2 pairs here, third pair is a bit to the east). You must kill all three groups of two.
  • Kill the Tae Ew Tactician ( -1392, 9, 368 ) and then you go find the Rallosian footmen.
  • The Rallosian footmen are near the Tower of Vhul right around -1000, 0, 548 . Like the lizards, kill all three groups of footmen for the Tactician to spawn.

Return to Malkin X'Davai for the next quest.

The Test Feerrott
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