A Wrench in the Plans  

CategoryThe Moors of Ykesha
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Related Items:
Bag of Wrenches
Min Coin: 11g, 5s, 35c
Max Coin: 12g, 6s, 38c
Choice Of:
Round Shield of the Bog
Squire's Blade
Mystical Great Staff
Orb of the Bog
Bo Staff of Tempestuous Combat
Tower Shield of the Bog
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Kali Hodpodge at Dropship Landing Zone asks you to deliver some wrenches. Use the cannon at 1554.56, 453.65, 816.30 to fire across the chasm to U.J.L. 1.0. Once there, head to 1373.88, 406.97, 746.80 and talk to Pogsod.

This will finish the quest and this series.

Distributing Tasks Moors of Ykesha
Quest Series
Dropship Landing Zone
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