Kallon's Vengeance  

Grants AA
CategorySinking Sands
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 6g, 5c
Max Coin: 6g, 13s, 35c
Shimmering Gem of Prowess
Choice Of:
Viper Headed Totem
Barbaric Charm of Alteration
Unspeakable Orb of Diamonds
Villainous Slayers' Barb of Terror

This quest is given by Kallon Ebbtide at the Sinking Sands docks if you ask him to tell you a story. He asks you to hunt down a bandit named Fasul.

You will first need to speak to Jaza at the croc hunters camp to the northwest of the docks at ( -1342, -227, -603,, ) . He will then despawn there and respawn at the tree near the path that leads up into the desert part of the zone from the Croc Hunters at ( -1142.12, -211.87, -235.19,, ) .

When you speak to him the second time a band of bandits will spawn and attack you. Kill them.

After killing them speak to Jaza again and then return to Kallon for your reward.

Sinking Sands
Quest Series
Cooking Crocodiles
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