Costume Acting 101  

This quest is a sub-quest of for the Fabled version of the Illusionist-only Epic Weapon, Mirage Star.

Talk to Kaliis P'Radaa overlooking Kurn's Tower in Fens of Nathsar ( -1793, -320, -2113 ) to receive this subquest for the Performers mask.

  1. She has you collect 20 pristine burynai skins (uncommon update). In return, you will be given an burynai illusion which you get to keep.
  2. After doing some walking around with the illusion on she gives you a performer's pass.
Take the pass to the opera in Neriak and while wearing the burynai illusion talk to Typhonus J'Nix at -672, 29, -14 . He gives you the mask to perform in.

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