Spicy Shissar Roll  

CategoryKylong Plains
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Required Mobs:
Related Items:
king prawn
raw succulent petal
Min Coin: 15g, 83s, 87c
Max Coin: 16g, 92s, 96c
a Spicy Shissar Roll

  1. Gather the ingredients that Goddin Ratsachak requires:
    • 4 perfectly marbled Yha-lei steaks.
      • The steaks that he requires can only be obtained from the fishmen in Jarsath Wastes. Find some around 556.72, -18.58, 1084.09 .
    • Harvest or buy the following items. If they are already in your inventory the quest will update when you get the quest!
      • 4 king prawns
      • 4 raw succulent petals
  2. Return to Goddin
  3. Deliver Spicy Shissar Roll to Tszuij Adawhi
  4. Return to Goddin

At level 80, this quest rewards 7% AAExp!

A Discerning Palate Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Dreg's Landing
Krunchy Kunzar Roll
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