Mysterious Mark  

Grants AA
Started Bya Mysterious Symbol
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To receive this quest, get a Mysterious Symbol from a hanging skeleton at 99, -37, -190 in The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen.

  1. Talk to Gamble Blitherton at the southwest coast of Danak Shipyard, sw of graveyard respawn at 128, -50, 1392 , in Jarsath Wastes.
  2. Recover 20 ancient Shissar artifacts from the Yha-Lei around the shores of Danak (guaranteed update per kill).
  3. Return to Gamble Blitherton.
  4. Talk to Drarson McCale at 658.60, 24, 621.61 in Butcherblock Mountains. He will spawn 3 mobs that momentarily attack before you are ported to Drarson McCale's hideout in Halls of the Unseen.
  5. Talk to Drarson McCale again.
  6. Join The Circle of the Unseen Hand.
  7. Talk to Nyran Dudez further down the corridor in the hideout to get the next quest.
  8. To get out, click on the barrel along the wall behind where you laid unconscious at 60, 1, -4 (but get the next quest from Nyran Dudez first!)

The Ruins of Guk
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Demonstration of Loyalty
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