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Of Crackers

This quest is part 1 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Swashbuckler-only Epic Weapon, Charm's Way.

In Timorous Deep, head west of Gorowyn until you find a pirate ship in the water at 3170, -1, 1119 Open the cage on the deck and pick up Rrarwrk. You will receive a clicky item in your inventory. Use the feather to summon Rrarwrk to receive the quest. You can use the feather to dismiss (and re-summon) the bird if you don't enjoy having a parrot follow you around asking for crackers.

  1. Go the The Village of Shin and buy the “Of Crackers” recipe book from Xao Nurwin at -11, 15, -102 . This will give you the recipes for five types of crackers (level 5 Artisan recipes). Buy the Butter, Flour, Garlic, and the other food items along with the kindling needed for the recipes now, to save you time. You make 10 crackers at a time. Each combine takes 5 Aged Sea Salts, which you can only get in Chelsith off of Yha-leis. Head there!
  2. Go to Chelsith, where you will be killing Yha-Leis for the aged sea salts. They are a common drop from any Yha-lei. Again each combine takes five salts, and one salt can drop from each mob.
  3. Craft the cracker and feed it to the parrot by right clicking him. It is random which cracker your bird will like, so you might need to try more than once. Get plenty of salts, in case your bird is picky.
  4. Feed Rrarwrk crackers until he thanks you and offers the next quest.
    • It is possible to get the cracker update without making all five types of crackers. Just keep trying periodically with the same cracker(s). You can also re-summon Rrarwrk until he takes whichever cracker(s) you make.

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