Tutorial: Learning to Harvest  

This tutorial teaches you about harvesting.

Started By

This quest is given by the one of the NPCs listed below depending upon your alignment.

  • Freeport: Ernest Ironthumb in The Ruins ( -112,-3,92 )
  • Gorowyn: Trainer Charkin Myli'Dok in Timorous Deep near the Gorowyn Beach Griffon Station ( 2309,37,1012 )
  • Kelethin: Trainer Eivarra Laceleaf near the Nursery in Greater Faydark ( -150, -43, -807 ) or mob:Ikile Harmonia on Kelethin near Tunare's Pages.
  • Neriak: Trainer Zaktar D'Zhe'Virae in Hate's Envy in Darklight Wood ( -427,-62,245 )
  • New Halas: Trainer Hawk Dunlop at Pilgrims' Landing in Frostfang Sea ( -339,40,-760 )
  • Qeynos: Calla Badgerbane in Oakmyst Forest ( 978,3,-342 )


Your tutor gives you a meager harvesting bag and sends you out into the wide world to collect raw crafting materials. You will need:


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