Muck Bush Ingredients  

Grants AA
CategoryPillars of Flame
Related Zone:
Related Items:
a muck bush branch
a muck bush bloom
a muck bush seed
Min Coin: 12g, 57s, 51c
Max Coin: 12g, 79s, 82c
Choice Of:
Crest of Coiled Raptor Sinew
Band of Coiled Raptor Sinew
Emblem of Coiled Raptor Sinew
Signet of Coiled Raptor Sinew

Jiang Li in The Cave of Knowledge asks you to gather the following items for her:

  • 10 Muck Bushes
  • 5 Seeds of Muck Bushes
  • 2 Blooms from a Muck Bush

Pillars of Flame
Quest Series
The Cave of Knowledge

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