Pillaging the Repository  

Related Zones:
Max Coin: 1p
Void Shard

Mission Info
Group Norrath
Level 80 +4
Expires in 2 days
2 Void Shards
Shadow Odyssey Missions


  1. Enter Ravenscale Repository and obtain the object mentinoed in your quest instructions.
    • Group members are asked to pick up different items. An item picked up by any group member will update all those group mates required to get the same item.
    • Once the objects are picked up no one can interact with them again. Make sure all group members are in the zone when picking up the items.
    • the macabre effigy of a sacrified Ydalian is in the Reliquary of the Hunter ( -107, 15, -224 )
    • the globe of Norrath that updates the Mistmoore quest step is in the Reliquary of the Lifeguard ( -93, 17, -362 )
    • the sickly blood orb is in the Reliquary of the Sovereign ( 84, 17, -364 )
    • the curious piece of magic is at Reliquary of the Sovereign ( 93, 18, -395 )
  2. Return to Ragheejb Yasir in Moors of Ykesha.

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