A Trip to the Zoo  

Druble Willcob in Gnomeland Security Headquarters would like you to go to Klak'Anon and attempt to find his friend, Deagle Wendaloo, who has gone missing there.

Deagle is alive and well in Klak'Anon, being kept in The Zoo at -319, 99, -54.82 . He came looking for spare parts and was imprisoned by the clockworks.

He wants you to find his backpack with the parts in it. It is in another cell across the way at -338, 0.97, -3.13 . There are multiples sacks in random cells, on either side. You'll get "You search the backpack, but there is nothing in there.". The bags can be in slightly different positions within the cell. Not all cells have beasties, but the ones that do are around level 52-53 and ^ or ^^, in groups of 3. Beasties from overhead above the grates can aggro thru, as well. Be careful of AOE's in here, and make sure someone is outside in the main area just in-case the cell shuts on you!

After collecting the gear, speak to Deagle again.

This time he wants you to kill Bloodscrew the Surgeon (54^^^), who is nearby at -454, 2.5, -29 . Kill Bloodscrew to finish the quest and collect your reward.


Your choice of:

Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series

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