Dust to Dust  

CategoryDarklight Wood
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Related Items:
Pouch of Stunspore Powder
Min Coin: 4s, 21c
Max Coin: 4s, 35c
Darklight Merchant Tent
Thexian Campfire
Choice Of:
Tempered Buckler
Tempered Cestus
Marred Token
Tempered Axe
Tempered Blade
Tempered Tower Shield

Speak to Calnozz J'Melvirr in the T'Vatar Post at -356,-51,42 to begin this quest.

  1. Head southwest of the outpost, past the Lower Tendril River, to the Warpfont Spire at -128,-47,199
  2. Target any of the skeletons in the immediate area and right-click the Pouch of Stunspore Powder in your inventory
    • You cannot use it more than once per target
    • You must be in combat range to use it
  3. Once you have tested the dust on 7 skeletons, return to Calnozz


Infantile Ingredients Darklight Wood
Quest Series
T'Vatar Post
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