The Stolen Tome  

This quest begins with Captain Ingrid, a high elf who can be found wandering on the Village of Shin docks. (-28.00 -2.38 117.94) This quest is second in a series that begins with Improving Relations with the Locals.

  1. Ingrid sends you to visit Chief Ko-Ma Nurwin who asks you to see Guard Captain Urtai in regards to investigating a stolen tome.
    • Speak to Chief Ko-Ma Nurwin in a house off the Courtyard of Hope. ( 44.18, 14.84, -119.08 )
    • Speak to Guard Captain Urtai near Sighing Willow Pond. ( -142.35, .66, -95.96 )
    • Speak to Aras Nurwin in the Outpost Tavern. ( -87.06, -2.28, 109.42 )
    • Speak to Terai Augren near the Mystic Waterfall. ( -248.87, -1.39, -79.24 )
  2. Speak to Jai-La Ventur who wanders near the shore. You need to wait for her to visit the beach, return and stand OUTSIDE her house before she will speak with you. ( 68.27, 8.07, -61.53 ) (Note: when speaking with Jai-La, you will also be offered The Pirate's Bride quest.)
  3. Speak to Guard Captain Urtai again.
  4. Return to Chief Ko-Ma Nurwin to claim your reward.
Completion of this quest series opens up the Tower of the Four Winds quest series.

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