Bloody Tears  

  1. Kill 5 x a Tunarian thrall and 5 x a Dwarven thrall at -89, -32, 73 . (typical spawn is 4 + 5, expect to repeat).
  2. Kill 5 x a Tunarian guest -137, -32, 84 and 5 x a Crushbone guest -127, -31, 70 .
  3. This step says to ...destroy 5 Mistmoore Servants. There are no such mobs. Kill 5 x a Mistmoore maid at -98, -28, -66 . a Mistmoore butler does not seem to work.
  4. Kill 6 x a loyal convert at -176, -26, -5 . There only appears to be 5 spawns at a time - so again you will have to wait for the re-spawn to complete this quest. In the meantime try collecting the plethora of shinies that spawn all around this level of the catacombes.
  5. Return to Simone Chelmonte to turn in the quest.

OOC The quest giver Simone Chelmonte is a reference to Simon Belmont from Konami's famous vampire-hunter Castlevania series. The quest's name "Bloody Tears" is also the name one of the songs played in a few of the games.

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