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Askr's Altar to Karana
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This is the fourth quest in the Karana deity series.

Askr sends you to Kylong Plains with the charged staves to charge crystals needed. The altars are marked by three large black jewels on the shores.

  1. Go to Kylong Plains, place the three charged staves on the western, eastern, and central shores. If you have a Sokokar, fly to Kunzar's Edge post. If not, head from Dreg's Landing (Kylong docks) towards the path across the stream which leads to the right. The iksar fortress of Varis will be visible, head towards it, careful of aggro. Cross the first bridge, bear to the left of the fork in the tunnel, cross the other bridge over to the island.
    • Altar of Clouds: at the shore at Kunzar's Edge tower, at -1350.24, 1.32, 476.37
    • Altar of Storms: at the shore by the tatterback gorillas, at -911.42, 8.97, -331.90
    • Altar of Rains: at the shore by the Mudfin Yha-Lei, at -1408.49, 3.63, -188.43
  2. Go to summoning circle, up at the Wall of Emperors, where the iksar statues are, just up from Kunzar's Edge, at -1448.00,53.90,355.06 . Just click on the circle, auto-places the crystals and the elemental will spawn nearby.
  3. Lure the elemental over, do not fight it, it'll become aggro when you get close, just run to the circle and pass over it and you'll get the ding.
  4. Collect the crystals and return to Askr for your reward, Askr's Altar to Karana.

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The walkthrough info in this article came from this thread on the eq2players forums by Pheep.

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