Equipping the Front Line  

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Makeshift Arrows VI (Journeyman)
Shield of Faith V (Journeyman)
Focused Essence of Health
Faction Changes:

This daily mission can only be completed by Scholars.

  1. The Quel'ule scholar Azira has requested assistance from a fellow Scholar in crafting some items to help equip the fighters at the front lines. She has warned me that non-scholars will not be able to complete this assignment.
    • Alchemist: Craft 50 Focused Essence of Health (level 81)
    • Jeweler: Craft 5 runes of Makeshift Arrows VI (Journeyman) (level 81)
    • Sage: Craft five scrolls of Shield of Faith V (Journeyman) (level 81).
  2. Return to Researcher Azira

This quest is the Wednesday task for the Quel'ule Researcher's daily tradeskill missions, and can be repeated every Wednesday.

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