Blub, Blub - Something Smells Fishy  

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Min Coin: 92c
Max Coin: 1s, 2c
Coldwind chowder

This quest is given by Matsy Rollingpin in Antonica ( -730, -11, +240 ) after you complete the Achoo! Antonican Pepper quest (see related quests).

You need to wrustle up 10 Coldwind Fish for Matsy's Chowder. You do this by killing A Coldwind Barracuda, A Coldwind Pike or A Coldwind Perch in Antonica. Best place to find these is near North Qeynos gates.

The reward is some Coldwind Chowder, coin and opening up the Killing with Kindness quest.

Achoo! Antonican Pepper Antonica
Quest Series
Cook's Assistant
Killing With Kindness
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