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Game Update #57
August 18, 2010

Speak to Madam Victra at Wanderlust Fair.

  1. Madam Victra gives you a horse whistle--use it to summon a mount to get to your location faster.
  2. Travel to the Wellspring of Nightmares and equip the staff Madam Victra gave you to collect some tortured spirits.
  3. The staff is a special fishing pole; equip it in your primary slot and many tortured spirits appear in the Wellspring. Hover over them until you see a hand icon and click to "fish" the spirits.
  4. Collect five and return to Atalika in Shadow Oak

The mount you had during the quest is removed at the end, but one of the quest rewards is the same mount. If you want to continue using the mount, you'll have to reapply the buff with your new permanent one.


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