The Heart of Fear  

Completing this quest grants access to the Sanctum of Fear. It is initiated by Nemar Gadgetglow in the Temple of Cazic Thule (+33.38, 0, +68.84). This is inside the right tunnel not too far in from the entrance.

The first step is to kill Tae Ew Hunters until you have collected three spears. These items auto-update when the Hunters are killed, and are a semi-rare drop.

After doing this you do not need to return to Nemar, the next step is given automatically. You must then collect 5 runed swords from Tae Ew Defenders.

The step after this also does not require returning. You must then collect 5 maces from Tae Ew Warders in Cazic Thule.

After doing this return to Nemar Gadgetglow. He will ask you to find an examine a Sliver of Thulzite, Shard of Thulzite and Piece of Thulzite. These are randomly dropped on monsters in Cazic Thule. These items are now auto-update pieces, and do not need to be examined. After obtaining all three you must return to Nemar Gadgetglow.

Now head to the pool behind the big pyramid and start slaying the Swirling Ooze. This initiates a ring event. At the end you will need to kill a level 49 ^^^ slime called The Acidic Mass. He has a nasty area of effect attack, so be prepared.

After defeating this event you will receive a Broken Key to the Sanctum of Fear. You must take this to Nemar Gadgetglow.

Nemar will send you to speak to Ux Uval in the Temple of Cazic-Thule (-2.23, -12.75, -76.13). Speak to Ux Uval and he will send you to find the Dread Pool. This is the pot at the Torturers. After clicking it return to Ux Uval.

He will then send you to the Sanctum of Fear. Muzzleflash has written a nice spoiler for this portion of the quest, which is reproduced below...

1) Enter the Sanctum of Fear via either of the two doors behind the golem rooms. There is no minimum player requirement to enter this instanced zone. 4/ Fight your way up the winding stairs. ** WARNING ** Make sure you pull all the way back to the zone-in wall to fight! After defeating each static group of mobs, you will notice an "earthquake" effect, followed by 2-4 GROUPS of mobs charging down the stairs. As long as you stay back against the wall at zone-in, they will not aggro and you can pull them one at a time.

2) At the top of the stairs is the summoning room, with a named mob "Overlord Um Nix" Lvl 52 ^^ with 4 other lizardmen. It's a group x 2 encounter, but was not a problem with a well balanced single group.

3) Clear the level above of all lizardmen (don't touch the totems for now).

4) Here you will notice four totems - you need to place a clay golem heart, which are body drops, (found off clay golems in Cazic-Thule) into each. You can also substitute a steel golem heart, if you have one, but this makes no difference in what spawns. After inserting each heart into a totem, a group of two Ancient Thulian terrorfiends (lvl 50-51) will spawn.

5) Once the final totem has been activated, a named golem Fright (level 52 ^^) will spawn on the platform above, with four roaming lizardmen (all seperate encounters).

5) After defeating Fright you will be given about 2 gold, 9% exp at level 47, plus a choice of weapons.

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