An Uneasy Alliance  

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CategorySanctum of the Scaleborn
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Red Bands of Xhorroz
Blood-Drenched Splint of Xhorroz
Red Bangle of Xhorroz
Soaked Wraps of Xhorroz

This quest is initiated by talking to Xhorroz located in the Fountain Room ( -129, 78, 205 ) once you have completed The Keys to Trust quest.

Xhorroz wants you to retrieve some scrolls from a stone chest. The chest is located in the ring event pit in the Halls of Rites ( 9, 65, 31 ) (go down from fountain room and then head North at the crossroads) Inspect the chest to get an update. You need 4 eye gems to open the chest. Kill the Eternal Aegis that surround the walls of the Hall of Rites for auto updates.

Once you have all 4 gems, return to the chest and retrieve your scroll.

Take the scroll back to Xhorroz for your reward. This then opens up the quest A Scalding Hot Encounter.

The Keys to Trust Claymore
Quest Series
A Scalding Hot Encounter
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