Boatload of Work  

CategoryFrostfang Sea
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plank of wood
Min Coin: 54c
Max Coin: 59c

Speak to Yasha Redblade at -303,40,-779 on Pilgrims' Landing in Frostfang Sea to begin this quest.

  1. Head west of Yasha to the boat wreckage at -151,41,-822
  2. There will be several boards of wood laying around called a plank of wood when hovered over. Click on 3 of these for your updates.
  3. Speak to Yasha
  4. Head back to where you fought the Ry'gorr centurions and right-click the makeshift barricade in your inventory at -318,35,-718

Call to Arms Frostfang Sea
Quest Series
Pilgrims' Landing
Flame On!
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