A Ruinous Bath  

February 22, 2011

I have found a potion near the pool in which Vethilot the Corpsemonger frequently bathes ( 58, 210, -34 ) . I should look for other potions that I could pour into the pool to try and disrupt Vethilot's routine.

  1. Collect potions from the Tower of Frozen Shadow You will need to kill named mobs in each room. Select the wiki tab on each mob's page for strategies.
    • Collect a potion ( 17, 214, 82 ) in the kitchen by killing Alvik the Cold (click for strategy).
    • Collect a potion ( 70, 207, 3 ) at the dinner table
    • Collect a potion ( 12, 210, -58 ) in the armory by killing The Armored Presence (click for strategy).
    • Once you collect the last potion you will have The Collected Potions in your inventory
  2. Return to the blood pool in The Shadow Barracks.
  3. Pour the potion into the pool.
  4. Defeat Vethilot the Corpsemonger (click for strategy).

After I changed the composition of the pool it greatly weakened Vethilot the Corpsemonger, enabling me to defeat him and obtain his Mirror shard.

The Tower of Frozen Shadow Tower of Frozen Shadow
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