Obscuring Knowledge  

Grants AA
Sealed Book of Knowledge

This is another in the "Claymore" line of epic quests. It becomes available once you have completed "Feeding the Flames".

It is initiated by clicking one of the four sconces in the first Atrium area of Halls of Fate. Yonar the Dromunculus spawns and tasks you with sealing the Prismatic Lexicons within the Halls of Fate. These are oversized tomes that are tucked in various corners and nooks inside the instance. After collecting all ten tomes, you will then be required to obtain ten more in The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm, the Epic raid instance.

Tome Locations are as follows:

Tome I: Tome II: Tome III: Tome IV: Tome V: Tome VI: Tome VII: Tome VIII: -29, -67,394 Tome IX: Tome X:

Laboratory of Lord Vyemm (Raid Instance) Tomes:

Tome XI: Tome XII: Tome XIII: -97, -93, 688 Tome XIV: Tome XV: Tome XVI: Tome XVII: Tome XVIII: Tome XIX: Tome XX:

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