Further Research Required  

  1. Now it's time to run around and talk to more people.
    1. Alim Dabir is at 1981.35, -298.22, 3338.78 in the Hall of Wizardry.
    2. High Commander Fawzi Zaim is at 1902.13, -298.99, 3446.32 in the Hall of the Fell Blade.
    3. Nudhir Il'qatai is at 1645.60, -267.06, 3179.00 in the Hall of Necromancy.
  2. Every single one of these NPC's will offer you a quest. Hailing them all finishes this quest.

Bringing It All Together The Sundered Frontier
Quest Series
The City of Paineel
Progression of the Arcane
Elemental Studies
Knowledge through Necromancy
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