Loosening Anchors  

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purification totem
Min Coin: 15g
Max Coin: 15g
Void Shard

Mission Info
Group Miragul Shard
Level 50 to 80
Expires in 2 days
1 Void Shard
Shadow Odyssey Missions
Miragul Shard

This quest can be done in a cleared instance
Marker for totem placement
Marker for totem placement
I have been given a set of totems to place within The Crucible. It's possible that the magic in these totems might be able to help weaken the boundaries placed by Miragul that anchor his phylactery within the Eternal Prism. I should look for small concentrations of magical energies within The Crucible, and place a totem within it.

I should seek out places of magical concentration within The Crucible, and place a totem there.

  1. Place 6 purification totems in places of magical concentration
    • -36,0,-49 - Ahead and to your left when you zone in to a Master's Reflection
    • -20,3,-10 - behind the throne on the pedestal in the first floor's central chamber
    • 87,1,39 - a Reflection of Exile
    • -112,0,31 - a Reflection of Silence
    • -20,16,150 - Halls of Ascension
    • -139,14,111 - a Reflection of Arrogance
  2. Return to Chief Scholar Lakewind

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