Subterranean Underwater Vessel  

CategoryWorld Event
Level30 (Scales)
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a Gigglegibber Key
Min Coin: 4s, 21c
Max Coin: 4s, 35c

The Gnomish inventor tells you he needs coal to get his machine working.

Gnomish Inventor and the key
Gnomish Inventor and the key
  1. To save yourself the trouble, head to any tradeskill area to purchase 100 basic coal or else he will send you back out five times in total!
  2. Once you have given him all 100 basic coal, you need to crank the Wind-o-Matic Propelling Device ( 208,1,-318 ) to try and start up the S.U.V. (Superhydronic Utilitarian Vaculator)
    • Click on the crank at least 3 times (there's a short cast bar between each click)
  3. Eventually the machine will explode and send your key flying. It should have landed in front of the gnome at 208,1,-318 . Pick it up to receive your key.

Unlocking the Elfin Lord Frostfell
Quest Series
The Gigglegibber Grump
Unlocking the Elfin Lord
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2005.

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