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cerise velium crystal
Min Coin: 12s, 2c
Max Coin: 13s, 3c
wall mounted Halasian weapon rack
Lucent Gem of Fortitude

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

Speak to Hillfred Kinloch in the Cragged Spine to begin this quest.

You must first complete Thirin Veliumdelver's quest, Ry'Gorr Mining Operations, before you can receive this quest.

  1. Time to go back underwater. Use any water breathing device you may have and head to 49.89, -108.66, 380.89 .
  2. Once inside the cave, head to approx -210.50, -33.33, 47.23 and kill Rumbling Geodes.
  3. Doing so will occasionally cause a crystal to spawn. Click it to get an update. You need 6.
  4. Return to Hillfred Kinloch for your reward.

Note: As shown, this quest is repeatable and will give the weapon rack as a reward every time.

Fewer Orcs to Worry About Frostfang Sea
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Cragged Spine
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