Call a Priest!  

CategoryThe City of Freeport
Level100 (Scales)
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Dismal Censer
Faction Changes:

Speak to Kenth Lanringe at -103, -8, -96 outside the Temple of War, North Freeport to begin this quest.

  1. Go to Big Bend: Sanctum of Spirits ( 64.18, -12.10, 267.10 )
  2. Kill 6 possessed spirits who are around the zone.
  3. Use the Dismal Censer given to you when you accepted the quest on possessed mobs around the zone. You can use this item once the mob is below 25% health.
  4. Return to Kenth Lanringe in Freeport.

Bad Religion The City of Freeport
Quest Series
Dismal Portents
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