Out of Thin Air  

CategoryThe Stonebrunt Highlands
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Zephyronic Extractor
Min Coin: 20g, 70s, 61c
Max Coin: 24g, 77s, 68c

  1. This is fairly easy. Head to the following waypoints and use the "Zephyronic Extractor" in your inventory. Note: Sometimes the wand seems bugged and says you can't use it, but it will work anyway.
    1. Altar of Cazic Thule: -129.40, 366.11, 717.40
    2. Altar of Quelious: -447.78, 388.71, 806.18
    3. Eastern Aqueduct Pool: -405.90, 376.66, 737.47
    4. Entrance to the Nexus: -275.11, 359.44, 605.83
  2. Return to Razim Othologold to complete the quest.

Additional Research The Stonebrunt Highlands
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Altered Beasts
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