Dunfire Diamonds are a Dwarf's Best Friend  

Captain E. L. Irontoe has informed you that the Grungetalon goblins have begun to decipher the worth of some hidden gems embedded into the walls of Brell's March. Your mission is to recover as many of the gems as you can carry in a gempack and return to Fort Irontoe.

Dunfire Diamond
Dunfire Diamond

  1. Grab a brigade gempack from the Arms House in Butcherblock Mountains at -274, 216, -160
  2. Go to Brell's March just beyond the gate in Kaladim.
    • Harvest 10 Dunfire Diamonds.
    • Collect 6 Brell Baubles by killing a Grungetalon gemmaster.
    • Collect 8 Underfoot Stars by killing a living chest.
    • Seek and destroy the thing that is revealing the magic in the gems.
      1. Find a Dark Reflection Gem Refraction Analyzer. This is near the trampler in the eastern hallway between Brell's March and Keg Hold -96, 45, -189 (also found at 73.37,22.82,-160.25 ). Examine it to begin the Gem Analyzer quest.
      2. Once you have completed Gem Analyzer, return to the Dark Reflection Gem Refraction Analyzer and disassemble it.
  3. Return to E. L. Irontoe at West Fort Irontoe for your reward.

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