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Stud of the Inquisition
Earspike of Entrenched Soldiers
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Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Speak to Zixka Slizzis at -168,53,355 , at Upper Command Camp in Jarsath Wastes

  1. Seek the missing agents of Danak
    1. Seek signs of the first agent, Sorus
      • Danak Agent Sorus' body is at 331,-22,-606 , on the north side of Venril's Crown
      • As you examine each agent's corpse you will be attacked by a Rime hydrolated battler (78^).
    2. Seek signs of the second agent, Xakiti
      • Danak Agent Xakiti's body is at -109.14, -5.70, -1049.84 , in Traitor's Pass.
    3. Seek signs of the third agent, Tepin
      • Danak Agent Tepin's body is at -337.69, -0.11, -1188.62 , in Traitor's Pass on the path to the Skleross Encampment.
    4. Seek signs of the fourth agent, Retssok
      • Danak Agent Retssok's body is at -634.41, -25.31, -1231.56 , in Traitor's Pass on the path to the Skleross Encampment.
    5. Seek signs of the fifth agent, Vinnisk
      • Danak Agent Vinnisk's body is at -355,-40,-808 , in Traitor's Pass
    6. Seek signs of the sixth agent, Hartax
      • Danak Agent Hartax's body is at -670.37, -129.29, -601.31 , in Stonehoof Badlands on the north shore of the watering hole.
  2. Return to Zixka

Near most of the bodies you will see a hidden sleetsaber. There is no need to kill them at this time.


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