A New Challenger  

CategoryButcherblock Mountains
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Horn of Challenge
Min Coin: 27s, 67c
Max Coin: 29s, 97c
Horn of Challenge
Choice Of:
Illuminated Wand Shard
Totem of Sustained Wounding
Divine Embossed Orb
Metallic Sliver of Magical Energy

Trozusk Ripscar, near the Lesser Faydark griffon station, accepts your offer to meet his challenger on his behalf. He hands you the Horn of Challenge and sends you off to Slagslore Peak.

  1. Blow the Horn of Challenge on the natural rock bridge spanning between Kamp Krulkiel and Slagslore Peak ( 88, 242, -257 ) .
    • When you reach 75, 243, -255 the horn should start to glow. Right-click the horn to use it and update the quest.
  2. Defeat The Krulkiel Champion. (33^)
  3. Return to Trozusk


The choice between the following:

Trozusk's Challenge Butcherblock Mountains
Quest Series
Three Roads Outpost
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