Broken Barrier: Wounded of the Water  

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merged Yha-lei essence

This quest is a sub-quest of part 1 for the Fabled version of the Warden-only Epic Weapon, Bite of the Wolf.

  1. Speak to a Nameless Druid in Fens of Nathsar. She is under the water at 440.90, -125.23, 500.76 at Omen's Call.
  2. Use the provided hydromancer power siphon on 10 Yha-lei hydromancers when they are at 30% health or lower in order to collect the water essences.
  3. Return to the Nameless Druid.
  4. Return to Veryn P'Neru.

This quest can be done at the same time as:
A Broken Barrier Warden Epic Weapon
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