Gigglegibber Melodies  

CategoryWorld Event
Level30 (Scales)
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a Gigglegibber Key

Imadeus Gigglegibber is attempting to teach some of the other goblins to play music. Unfortunately, they aren't very good and the King has threatened to throw out the instruments because of the racket. In fact, he has already thrown out the drums. Imadeus wants you to play his new "drums" with the band to show the King that with practice they won't always be horrible.

Here you get to play drummer and hit pots with a small spoon, and must try to hit the pots in the exact sequence that they light up and play in. The first round starts with 4 pots in the chain. Every time you copy a sequence perfectly, you will get an additional pot added to the next. If you make a mistake, you will fail and get a new sequence to memorize.

Click on a spoon on the counter when you're ready to begin playing. Once you equip it in your primary slot the game will begin. Once you begin do NOT walk away at all because that will stop the game and potentially bug out the quest, causing you to restart it. Once the pop-up text states "START!" you can begin playing the pattern.

  • Round One: 4 pots
  • Round Two: 5 pots
  • Round Three: 6 pots
  • Round Four: 7 pots
  • Round Five: 8 pots

Don't beat yourself up over this too much. The pop-up text telling you to start is very slow and starting at the wrong time will automatically fail you. Also the sequences tend to become downright frustrating. After the first couple of rounds, the "correct" pots become random. Even if you write down the sequence you are never going to get it right. Just keep trying until Imadeus yells, "Stop!" and you'll get the update. This usually takes about 5-10 failures.

Talk to Imadeus Gigglegibber again for your reward, a Gigglegibber key to open one of the 4 vaults, and experience.

Unlocking the Elfin Lord Frostfell
Quest Series
The Gigglegibber Grump
Unlocking the Elfin Lord
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Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2005.

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