An Orcish Trinket  

Started ByDaughter of the Sky
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Daughter of the Sky
Argorym's blade
Son of the Sky

  1. Obtain any one of the following 3 relic items to start the quest, then get the other two:
    • Argorym's Blade, from a chest next to Lieutenant Vrah'Kna's tower. ( -404, -48, 456 )
    • Daughter of the Sky from Jyrok the Stone in The Hidden Vale.
    • Son of the Sky from Vurog Ma'gar in The Hidden Vale
      • NOTE: the 2 stones are obtained from the nameds in "The Bloodskull Threat" if you've completed it. They are lore items.
  2. Speak to Rilkrik at The Crossroads. ( -517, -44, -303 ) Here you learn about Raegnir, an infamous Orc leader.
  3. Rilkrik will send you to get the 2 remaining relic items from the list above, and tells you that afterwards you should take them to the Spirit of Raegnir in The Siege Lands.
  4. Speak to Raegnir. If he despawns in mid conversation, he will respawn at the above location.
  5. He recounts the tale of his betrayal and, when you tell him what really happened, offers you your choice of four rewards.

The Bloodskull Threat The Commonlands
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NOTE: Although this quest is the natural culmination of the Orc Observers quests, it does not actually require that you have done the rest of the quests in order to do this one. The rewards are the same whether you have done the other quests or not.

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