The Barren Sky Creature Cataloging  

Grants AA
Level70 (Scales)
Related Zone:

This catalog quest is started by reading a book purchasable from several vendors in Kingdom of Sky zones and elsewhere. It is completed by cataloging the following creatures.

Isle of Desolation

  • a dustwind shimmer
  • a vicious dryland scavenger Isle of Desolation: 512, 296, -762 is rare PH for Muckpaw the Gnawer
  • a Strifewing ransacker
  • a Strifewing poacher: 479.26,274.83,-477.14

Whisperwind Isle

The Isle of the Guardians

Blackwind Isle

Isle of Awakening

Isle of Discord

  • a Blacktalon curate: -26.14, -140.15, -100.96
  • a Blacktalon grunt: -426, 115, 302

Experience is rewarded upon completion of the list.

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