Becoming a Resident of Ro  

Grants AA
Level60 (Scales)
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Required Mobs:
Call of Ro

This quest is the quest given to players with kindly (20,000+) faction with one of the three factions in Maj'Dul to receive their gate spell to Maj'Dul.

To start this quest speak to Raniyah in the Court for your faction (Court of Truth, Coin or Blades).

  1. Speak to Dharr in a building in southern Maj'Dul. This is an instanced zone called Dharr's Residence at -115, 138, 115 .
  2. He will ask you to kill the Exiled Sha'ir in the Sinking Sands. He is found in the desert area at -291, -103, -238 .
  3. Return to the Dharr in his room to find him being murdered by a Sha'ir Investigator. Kill his murderer.
  4. Speak to the Sha'ir Mesenger in Maj'Dul. She spawns at the Tower of the Moon and then patrols up past the Champion's Court and then despawns. She will tell you that must attune the orb to four key places. Locations vary, here are some reported locations:
    • Immerse the orb in a small spring in the Pillars of Flame: 249, -108, -676 near the Sunstriders
    • Bring the orb into a tunnel in Maj'Dul ( -135, 140, 80 works)
    • Immerse the orb in the spring water of the Oasis of Marr in the Sinking Sands ( -1106, -204, 55 )
    • Place the orb in a campfire beneath the Maj'Dul Plateu in the Sinking Sands -139.69, -109.11, -41.34
    • Place the orb in a Blacksmith's Forge in the Pillars of Flame: 62.7, -85.66, -742.21 at the Swiftrider camp
    • Go to the top of a rock spire off the coast of the Sinking Sands: -1328, -177, -1140
    • Cave near the Eye of Anuk in the Sinking Sands: -657, -222, -1199
    • Climb a tall spire off the coast of the Pillars of Flame: 1573.91, -97.74, -63.61 at the Djinni island.
    • Immerse the Orb in the Fountain in the Golden Scepter Courtyard in Maj'Dul: 93, 149, -144
    • Touch the orb to the earth at the foot of the Great Bonsai in the Pillars of Flame: 152, -190, -1670
    • Must place the orb in a campfire near the Oasis of Marr: In the Croc Hunter camp near the Croc Caves: -1242, -214, -296
    • Harpy's Nest in the Pillars of Flame: Up a climbable wall at 706, -96, -1229 .
  5. After visiting all four you receive your reward!

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