Building a Better Rat Trap  

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scrap metal
Building a Better Rat Trap
old food remains
rat trap
scraps of wood

This quest is a subquest Craftsman version of the 4th quest of the Tradeskill Epic series.

  1. Speak to an unusual cauldron in the forge room of Nektropos Castle: Craftsman Errands.
  2. Find the stuff to make rat traps:
    • Find a recipe: On the bookshelf in the forge room, a level 100 recipe
    • Find bait: In cauldron over the fire in the kitchen at 13, 0, -27
    • Find scrap metal: barrel in forge room
    • Find Kindling: in the stables right of the doorway on the floor at -16, 0, -9
  3. Return to the forge room and make the traps; the recipe yields 20 on Pristine.

Now proceed with Craftsman Errands

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