I need to find someone who knows where I can find the mundane components I require.

  1. Speak to the alchemist Omiir Z'kay 2450,27,1329 . He's in The Timorous Maw which is the cavern between the docks and Gorowyn.
    • Get Gallium Sulfur from The Lava Fields -639,-30,-325 past the Goblet of Ro in Lavastorm. Just run around the outside of the lava pits and you'll get all you need in about 1 minute.
    • Get Draconic Bacteria from Solusek Valley -166,0,-585 near the small volcanu dragons right outside the exit from The Temple of Solusek Ro.
  2. Return to Omiir. He now sends you to find the Libram of the Plaguebringer.
  3. Go to Windstalker Village in Antonica -1865,-38,-550 . In the SE bank of the lake there is an underwater tunnel at -1990,-48,-600 that leads into a cave. Speak to Stephen Pikefist in the cave. He gives you the Libram book. Keep talking to him about "the beast you need to get samples from". When you finish the conversation he will give you the Wand of Putrescence.
  4. In the Glade of the Coven, also in Antonica -1544,-14,24 you need to find a furry animal like a wolf or rat and use the Wand of Putrescence on it. The Putrescent Anathema spawns and kills the animal. Then kill The Putrescent Anathema and loot the corpse for a Putrescent Tissue Sample.
  5. Return to Hrath Everstill to finish and get your Deity Pet: Pariah of Bertoxxulous!
Some Testing Required Bertoxxulous
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A Caravan of Death
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