Infiltrating the Sanctum: Shadow Ordinance  

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CategorySanctum of the Scaleborn
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 22g, 55s
Max Coin: 22g, 77s, 20c
Choice Of:
Spiritise Censer

Speak to Thorn in the Scaleborn Cell jail to get this quest after finishing the quest Infiltrating the Sanctum: Spirit Pool Recon.

  1. Thorn wants you to check the Hall of Rites, a room on the lower level of the Sanctum ( 14, 65, 11 ) . You will need a Sanctum Trial Stone. These are uncommon no-trade drops off any mob (even grey). Right-click the dragon statue in the pit.
  2. Return to Thorn and she now wants you to kill; 10 Scaleborn Banishers, 4 Scaleborn Harbinger, 1 Scaleborn Theurgist.
  3. After killing those the quest will auto-update telling you to kill; 4 Scaleborn Banishers actively fighting Wraiths (in the Reservoir of the Wraith room ( 55, 36, -157 ) .
  4. Seek out the Severed Shade (in the same room as the Wraiths, on north side of fountain). Climb the fountain and touch the skull.
  5. Kill 8 Recovering Soulclenchers, 10 Scaleborn Acolytes, Scaleborn Soulrender.
  6. Return to the Severed Shade.
  7. Head back to Room of Recovery and Soulclencher Volz will trigger in hallway between Soulrend and the Reservoir of the Wraith.
  8. Go to the forge ( -116, 65, -34 ) , right-click it, and select "Break Open Metal Case" to complete the quest.

Infiltrating the Sanctum: Spirit Pool Recon Sanctum of the Scaleborn
Quest Series
Infiltrating the Sanctum
Infiltrating the Sanctum: Epilogue
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