Silver Coldain Insignia Ring  

Examine the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring to receive this quest. You have to be level 90 to do so.

  1. Speak to Elder Historian Melna at 477, -212, 234 inside The Temple of Brell in Thurgadin, City of the Coldain.
  2. Find the Tome of Coldain Kinship. It is located in the library of Nektropos Castle on the second shelf at -25,14,48 . In case you never did the quests there, the zone page, Nektropos Castle, contains a complete walkthrough for all of the access quests within the castle.
  3. Return to Elder Historian Melna
  4. Find Malidain Glacierbane at -805, -334, -24 inside a cave on the Daggerflow Glacier in Great Divide.

Hailing Malidain will complete this quest and begin the next in the series.

Copper Coldain Insignia Ring Coldain Insignia Ring
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