Execution Order: Prelate C'Luzz  

Grants AA
CategoryLesser Faydark
Started Bya sealed Nybright envelope
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:

After speaking with Serith Ludd, you receive a Sealed Nybright Envelope. Examine the envelope to receive the quest.

There is actually no Prelate C'Luzz. As you approach the greater faydark zone line, some level 60 down arrow assassins will pop and attack you. Killing these finishes the quest, so if you are trying to mentor to get full quest AA exp, mentor BEFORE approaching the zone line. (the entire rest of this quest line you can mentor for turn in).

Note: this appears to finish the Nybright line ... but you have built up this faction for the family with no apparent purpose. This line may continue. I tried killing Serith, but it did nothing. Serith still gives the "come closer, I have something to say to you" type message when you approach, but has no new quests. Perhaps finishing this line will open up more quests in the Somborn line in Loping plains. Or perhaps the Nybright faction has no purpose at all.

Execution Order: Alameth Ludd Lesser Faydark
Quest Series
Camp Nybright
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