Passing the Stones  

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okoute stone
Min Coin: 36g, 79s, 48c
Max Coin: 39g, 88s, 53c
Choice Of:
Earring of Utmost Power
Earring of Utmost Strength
Earring of Utmost Knowledge
Earring of Utmost Potential
Faction Changes:

Game Update #51
Elements of Corruption
Live: March 31, 2009

  1. You will be given three Okoute Stones. These need to go in the three caves from before. Once you get there, right-click and examine the stone, then select the drop option for your update. This can be done invis. Locs as follows:
    1. Cave of Pure Flame: 23.48, -120.44, 196.60
    2. Cave of Molten Cores: 59.82, -101.04, 164.96
    3. Cave of Deepest Lava: 95.17, -112.60, 215.78
  2. Return to Pyrissa Flamecog.

No More Avoiding Lavastorm
Quest Series
Order of Flame
Void Infestation
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