Crate and Barrel  

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Min Coin: 1s, 16c
Max Coin: 1s, 23c
Antonican Signet

This is the fourth quest in the human mentor series in Nettleville Hovel.

Speak to Johfrit Gythell and learn he has a task for you. Apparently a shipment of goods was lost in the water off the dock in Nettleville, and you have to get it. Jump into the water in the dock and look for a crate and a barrel. If they are gone, they will repop in about 5 minutes or so. The crate is at approx 671.11, -43.04, 304.41 and the barrel at 667.88, -42.93, 311.56 .

When you return to Johfrit, he asks you to take the crate to Amazu ( 660, -24, 369 ) and the barrel to Laudine ( 658, -24, 344 ) .

Return to Johfrit with their payment.

Completing this quest opens up the A Budding Hunter quest.

Looking for Work is Hard Work Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
Race: Human
A Budding Hunter
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