Beacon of Courage  

This is the second quest in the Mithaniel Marr Deity quest line. It opens once a follower of Marr has completed the quest Building an Altar of Valor.

Sir Bayden Cauldthorn needs you to travel to Crushbone Keep to combat the "Threat" to demonstrate the strength and power of courage.

In Crushbone Keep, you must:

  • Gather 8 Crushbone Legionnaire belts (These are random updates from Crushbone Legionnaires found in the basement and up at the top near the throne)
  • Kill 4 D'Vinnian Dragoons (Top floor)
  • Kill 4 Dreadguard Knights (top floor)
  • Escort a captive Wood Elf from a cell in the Keep to the safety of the outside. This is done by finding the captive wood elf in the jail, freeing her using the keys on the wall next to the jailor ( 55.37,-39.71,-64.67 ) , and escorting her to the zone in.

Once these tasks are complete, you must zone into The D'Vinnian Throne and kill Vindicator Crush.

This is another instance accessed from the top floor of Crushbone Keep behind a set of double doors. Inside the instance, you will find a series of locked doors that nearby guards/orcs will be holding keys for. Kill the nearby orcs to unlock the doors.

Once you find The D'Vinnian Throne room, approach Emperor D'Vinnian to trigger a ring event that culminates in Vindicator Crush appearing to attack you. Kill him for your last update.

Return to Sir Bayden in Kelethin to complete the quest and collect your reward (a choice of bracelets) and open up the next quest in the line, Eternal Rivalries.

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