Protecting Coldwind Beach  

Grants AA
CategoryThundering Steppes
Repeatable5 times
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 22s, 51c
Max Coin: 22s, 68c

Talk to Athwyn Shaedon in the Thundering Steppes (near 247, -24, 1357 ) she gives out repeatable kill task quests. This is reported to be repeatable up to five times. You will also need speek Ayr'Dal

You will be randomly assigned to kill 8-12 monsters of a random type. these are reported to include:

  • FireRock Giants (any type) at 478.87, 2.05, 987.27
  • Sirens (Alluring or Entrancing) at 1162.93, -44.13, 1083.55
  • skeletons (any type), there's some at 64.44, -16.73, 1143.49

Complete the kill task and return for coin and experience.

The reward varies: at least 17s 13c the first time, but at least 34s 26c the second time

Thundering Steppes
Quest Series

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