Enemy's Weakness  

This is the 11th Hand of Marr (good) quest in Nektulos Forest for the Bloodline Chronicles expansion. It is given by Aleeshi Monala at the Timber Falls camp if you have completed the previous ten (see related quests).

She will ask you to go to Dire Hollow and obtain some artifacs - its quite a list. Enter Dire Hollow: Barrow Ruins at location 500, 2, -1140 in Nektulos Forest, and clear out the place. Some artifacts are dropped by the named in the zone, and some are clickies. The zone is rather small, so just clear all of the named mobs. Great loot and exp in there, if you are the appropriate level. When the place is clear, you will still need one update.

This update is obtained from a new named mob who spawns when all other named mobs are killed. Kill him; but be aware - Waves of gargoyles will jump you, so do it fast! The locs necessary are:

  • Rubicund Disc drops from Feyd the Slayer: 79,-15,30 (NOTE: Feyd has a very high slash resistance)
  • Tenebrous Globe drops from Blaesra the Nightwalker: 76,-7,98
  • Brazier of Black Flame drops from Tufar the Mangler: 7,-16,58
  • Tablet of V'hriz: 79, -7, 101 is the tomb stone right behind Blaesra
  • Pylon of N'Aeth: 78, -15, 29 is the broken piller next to Feyd
  • Shattered Plinth: 9,-14,82 is just out side the cave where Tufar is

After that you need to kill Varo Z'Kaz ( 44,-10,67 ) , gonna want some DPS for that because he really does spawn a lot of adds if you don't kill him fast enough.

After that you need to return to Aleeshi Monala in Nektulos Forest. Vampire is added to your Master Strike/Smite/Rage and you get your choice of several pieces of equipment.

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