Drawing out the Cazi  

This is the third and last part of quests given by Ihriel the Sorceress in the vllage of Somborn.

Ihriel asks you to go to the Corrupted Druid Ring ( -415, 27, 430 ) to kill an evil shapeshifting witch cursing the village of Somborn.

You will receive a Night Jar and a Ritual Dagger. Using the Night Jar will allow you to place it on the ground. Clicking on the Night Jar after laying it on the ground will give you the option of using the Ritual Dagger.

The raven perched on the stone will start squawking and Aosoth the Crone will spawn (level 66-68^^^) to fight you. Kill her and bring her head back to Ihriel for your reward.

Entering the Veil Loping Plains
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Village of Somborn
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